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Effective December 1, 2022, Dr. Doroshow has retired and The Kids Clinic is permanently closed. We are no longer available for medical advice or appointments. For medical concerns, please contact your child’s new primary physician or a local urgent care clinic.

How to get your child’s medical records:

Send us a completed Release of Information for each child -

A Release of Information (ROI) must be completed for each individual child’s medical records. This form can be downloaded from our website, -> Our Clinic -> Office Forms -> Medical Release Form or select the button below. This form needs to be completed fully for each child and signed and dated.

This ROI form contains HIPAA Protected Health Information (PHI) so we cannot email a completed form or the records to you, we will only send medical information via CD or to a fax number. You may send the completed form to us by USPS (see NEW mailing address below) or email,  (again, email is not secure, so send email at your own risk). We will honor all properly filled out and signed ROI forms that we receive, regardless of how you send them to us.

If you know the medical practice you are transferring to -

We will send records to the new practice via fax, so make sure you have filled in the new practice name and their fax number.

If you have not decided who your children’s medical records need to be transferred to -

​We will mail a CD of a children's medical records o the parent if you have not yet selected a new provider. This CD can be given to your new primary care provider once you have decided where your children will receive their health care.

The Kids Clinic NEW mailing address effective IMMEDIATELY –

The Kids Clinic
PO Box 75585
Seattle, WA  98175


If you have a billing question, please call 206-957-1891 and leave a message. Our billing department will call you back.

In anticipation of the question, “who do I recommend”, I feel comfortable recommending:

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, ND, ARNP

Village Medicine


Vinita Seru MD FAAP and Drew Fillipo MD FAAP
North Seattle Pediatrics


Jean Hung ND
Flourish Family Medicine – Mill Creek


It has been a joy to have taken care of your children and I wish you all happiness and the best of health,


Carol Doroshow, MD FAAP


personalized for your child.
  • Comprehensive well-child visits

  • Sick child visits

  • Vaccines and immunizations

  • Specialty consultations


blends traditional western medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and functional medicine to promote health and vitality for each child.  Learn more here.
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