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We are happy to assist with perscription refills. We do ask that you plan ahead! General perscriptions take at least two workdays for communication to complete between us and your pharmacy.  


  • For on-going, maintenance prescriptions, expect to come in at least once a year. Call for an appointment. If you need a refill in the meantime, ask your pharmacy to contact us.

  • For all controlled substances, we generally require a visit at least every 3 months. Schedule your appointments 2-3 weeks ahead. If you try to schedule an appointment at the last minute, you may run out of medication before we can see you.
    Note: Controlled substance prescriptions can not be refilled over the phone or fax and require a prescription printed and signed in-person by your provider.


If you need a prescription sent to a mail order pharmacy or to a new pharmacy, call us to give the name of the medicine, strength, directions and quantity you are requesting, the pharmacy phone or fax number, and patient ID number if needed.


Dose changes for medicines can not be done over the phone.  Please make an appointment if you feel your child needs a dose change.

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