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 Carol Doroshow, MD, FAAP

I am a board certified pediatrician and a homeopath. I became interested in complementary medicine after I completed a residency in pediatrics and fellowship in pediatric infectious disease and microbiology. In addition, I spent 1 year in Ethiopia as a volunteer aid worker where I had an opportunity to see many infectious diseases first hand.

I enjoy incorporating traditional western allopathic medicine with nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, functional medicine,  in my practice so that I can offer them to you and your children.  I have a special interest in children with ADD/ADHD, encopresis, autoimmune disorders and gastrointestinal issues.


I will present the recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics on pediatric health care issues including vaccines during your health care visits, but it is your opportunity to make choices about what is right for you and your child. I see my role as to inform and educate and your role to make decisions best suited for your family.

I am the mother of two children and a wife and I know these relationships have expanded my understanding of what it takes to parent. I share with you the joy and frustration we all feel in being the best parent we can be. I look forward to learning with you as you learn from me.

Board Certified Pediatrician

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With the constantly changing technology and new medical research coming out every year, it is even more important that physicians stay up abreast of all this information. Board certified physicians go through a four-part evaluation process that checks their professional standing, tests their medical knowledge, evaluates their performance in practice, and fosters life-long learning initiatives.


Board certification is a voluntary process that goes above and beyond state licensing requirements for practicing medicine. It is an ongoing commitment by a physician to continually expand their knowledge in a medical specialty, like pediatrics, or in a subspecialty, such as pediatric hematology/oncology. Once pediatricians are certified, they must continue to demonstrate learning through a formal Maintenance of Certification program if they want to remain certified. Therefore, not all pediatricians are board certified.

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