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During the month of December, Dr. Carol Doroshow will be taking some time off to deal with some temporary medical issues, such as a knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Doroshow will not be seeing patients directly during December but will be available to the clinic’s other providers during December.


Many of you have already met Dr. Jean Hung ND, as she completed her 1st year pediatric residency with us and is now in her 2nd year of residency.

Additionally, anyone who has been in since September may have met our other new 1st year resident, Dr. Brianna Piche ND.

We are very pleased to have such capable providers to assist you in your needs during December.


At this time Dr. Jean Hung is credentialed with most of our insurance companies. The notable exceptions are Regence and United Healthcare, but we are working on that as Regence has a unique 1 year waiting period before an ND can apply.

If you are making an appointment in December, please check with your insurance plan to be sure that they cover ND services, each insurance plan has different restrictions.


We feel that we should be able to meet everyone’s needs during December, but it may not be as smooth as normal due to Dr. Doroshow’s extended recovery period.




If you have an ADD/ADHD or stimulant medication check or renewal that will be due in December, please contact our office so that this can be completed in November before Dr. Doroshow needs to go on leave.

Neither Dr. Hung or Dr. Priche can renew stimulant medications.


Thank you for your flexibility and understanding and we wish you, your family and friends a safe and wonderful holiday season.


The Kids Clinic Staff

3/11/15 - Dr Carol was interviewed on KOMO news.


State Vaccination requirements have been in the news with the recent measle exposure.  KOMO wanted to do a news peices and reached out to us for an interview.  Yeah!


Go here to view the news segment:


3/2/15 - Staffing changed announced:


Sorry to see you go - we wish you well:

  • Our medical assistant (MA) is leaving to work for her church;

  • April Rodriguez, our family medicine nurse practitioner (NP), resigned to teach at Seattle University.


New to The Kids Clinic:

  • Starting February 23, we have a new MA, Melisa, who we are very pleased to have join us.  She comes to us with a lot of pediatric experience, has her own children, and has great energy.  We are extremely pleased to have her.

  • Beginning in April we will have a new pediatric NP, Ping, working in the office.  Ping also comes with significant pediatric experience and enjoys interacting with the children in a way that defines our clinic.


2/30/15 - Dr. Doroshow is speaking at:


11th Annual Pediatric Specialty Update
for the Primary-Care Physician


The topic she is presenting is Funcional Medicine in Children.  This conference is sponsored by Swedish medical Center and is for continuing education for medical professionals.  Congrats to Dr. Carol on being asked to present to this group!


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